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We are a full-service writing firm ~ conceptualizing, crafting, and creating all sorts of projects from scratch or creatively adjusting your efforts. We are America’s oldest and best professional and creative writing service, established in 1983. Need help with a project? Give us a call. We work with clients from all over the world.
(216) 475-2963.

Here’s a list of some of our services:

Life Coaching, Career Consulting, and Mock Interviews:

Consulting, guiding, and career/life coach counseling per hour, session, or established ongoing length of time. We also perform mock interviews if you want practice hearing and answering questions that you might be asked during an actual interview. Contact us for fees.

Unique Writing Projects:


For help with your undergrad, grad school, PhD, online classes, and/or any other academic work, contact us personally (and confidentially) for details and fees.  We specialize in this service.


We can rewrite and creatively adjust your business plan or we can craft the whole business plan from scratch.


Hire us to write a beautiful piece about your loved one (after having interviewed you and/or other people close to that person). Further, for an additional set-up and printing fee, we can publish that eulogy in a keepsake booklet format for you, your family, and your friends. We also create memorial CDs with background music (selections provided by you or us) and photos of your loved ones.


From 2-minute introductory speeches to 45+ minute presentations, we can write your entire speech for you. The finished product is given to you in two formats – one in an essay format for your files and one in a “how to recite the speech” format – with the appropriate breaks, pauses, and word stresses indicated so that your speech is not only written beautifully, but also spoken effectively. In addition, we offer the creation of PowerPoint Presentations to use to as additional tools for your speech. Fee is based on both the length of the speech and the content/audience.


If you have a new business, a new product, a new service, or a new employee and want to get exposure – we can write a press release for you to use for your website, your local paper, or your marketing materials.


Give us all the letters, kudos, emails, thank-you notes, and sales reports from all your jobs, and we’ll put them together in a creatively and professionally-designed full-color book for you to bring with you on interviews (and to save for your grandchildren!). No matter what your field – everyone ought to have a career brag book capturing all those moments when someone noticed, and took the time to tell you, that you are amazing.


We can search for grants for you, or work from the grant info you send us. In addition, we also do the “follow up” work necessary with grants to show what you actually did with the funds granted several months or a year later! Call for fees.


We can proof, creatively adjust, and/or write the bid from scratch. Call for fees.


Whether you are applying to grad school, a medical residency (or five!), or law school, we write original personal statements from scratch after we interview you. Call for fees.


We can design the layout, write the content, and publish the book for you! Call for fees.


Still waiting for your local newspaper to notice your business and hope they'll do a feature piece on you? Why wait for a feature piece that may not present you in the best light? We'll interview you and write an awesome feature piece on you AND include a logo or photo in our layout AND give you the opportunity to proof the work to make changes (!) if you want! Many of our clients who have an actual, physical location print and frame the article and hang it in their establishment!


We'll interview all the members your band, listen to all the music you send us, and include photos in the design of the feature article.


We will rewrite your Craig's List post so that it not only gets noticed and responses, but also avoids SPAM emails!


Forced to write mini essays to prove what you know and how you know it on a job application? We can write that for you!



The Internet:


To start a web site, you must first create and register a domain name (a “dot.com” name).
Click here to register your new domain name for at least a year!

Bluehost.com Web Hosting $6.95


We create the content for literally thousands of websites on the internet.  We can write your ABOUT US , SERVICES, MISSION STATEMENT, AND FAQs, as well as add fresh new content each week to help your website rank high in internet searches.  The  internet is satiated with websites filled with poorly-written content, don’t let your website be one of them.  We offer several different packages depending upon how often you want to add new content to your site.

Start a PAYPAL account

A safe, easy, and popular way to send and receive money via the Internet, and a great way to sell your products on your site!
Simply click here to sign up:
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


We can proofread, edit, and/or creatively adjust your materials, marketing collateral, academic papers, website, and everything in between so that the end result is engaging, creative, and well-written ~ all while maintaining your “voice” for the piece.  Whether it’s a manuscript almost ready to be publish or a magnum opus-in-the-making still in your head, we can help you bring that lifelong plan to fruition.

Resume Products and Services:

If you are a recent college graduate, a college student, in the military, unemployed, or a senior citizen, let us know so you can receive a discount. Here is a list of services.


All clients and all projects remain on file with us indefinitely, so you can always contact us if you can't find your resume that we created for you, if you need copies, or if you are ready for an update!

REMEMBER: You get ONE resume created in your PROFESSIONAL LIFETIME - this is not an investment you make in yourself every month or every year! One amazing resume, one time (then you have it updated as your skills and experiences blossom!) If you are looking for a resume that is similiar to a template you found online or that you have seen over and over, we're not the writing service for you. We create and design our resumes from scratch. Our goal is to get you noticed and to get you interviews. Our resumes work, but they are not the norm. If you are not the norm, contact us - our customized work for you will help you land responses and interviews beyond your imagination!

Option #1
We type the layout and wording you provide us. If you are happy with your own wording and you know the layout you want, we can set it up for you.
fee: $49 per page

Option #2
We creatively adjust the resume you give us. If you already have a resume but are not happy with it, we can significantly rewrite it and redesign it for you.
fee: $99 each page

Option #3
We write the resume from scratch.
No old resume needed! No application to fill out! We interview you via phone (takes about an hour) and then, from our notes and our conversation, we will design and write a resume for you. You receive 2 proofing opportunities on the work that we do for you, so that you can have us make any changes, additions, or deletions you request.
fee: $450+ (depending on the client's current and targeted industry; some projects for executives and academics require additional sections and different layouts) 

Option #4
Full Resume Package.
Get the whole package so everything matches! We personally interview you over the phone and then provide you with the professional and creative writing, layout, and design of your resume, cover letter, and matching reference sheet from scratch; 3 proofings.
fee:$700+ (depending on the client's current and targeted industry; some projects for managers, directors, executives, and/or academics require additional sections and different layouts)

Option #5
Resume Package + LinkedIn Profile
Our signature package, includes: phone interview; the writing and creative construction of your resume, cover letter, and matching reference sheet; 3 proofing opportunities on each piece; and the creation/updating of your LinkedIn profile.
fee: $800+ (depending on the client's current and targeted industry; some projects for managers, directors, executives, and/or academics require additional sections and different layouts) 

Option #6

Resume Package + Brochure Style Resume + Thank You Note + Headhunting Services + Professional Headshot

This option includes all of option #5 plus: a thank-you note after your first interview; a second style designed in our signature brochure format for in-person interviews and snail mailing, along with 10 hard copies of all three pieces + 10 large envelopes; 5 job finds via our database (we send your credentials to 5 employers we find through our Internet searches, our extensive database developed throughout our decades in business, and/or our connections in the particular industry you are seeking), +PLUS a professional headshot by Michael Cavotta – a Headshot Photographer ✭ Personal Brand Whisperer at his professional photography studio.
Fee: $2750+ (depending on the client's current and targeted industry; some projects for managers, directors, executives, and/or academics require additional sections and different layouts) 

Option #7
Need a totally different resume for a different field of interest? No problem! This option includes a totally separate, second resume, cover letter, and reference sheet geared toward a different industry/position. Second resume/field must be discussed and ordered at the same time as the initial resume is being done and during the same, initial phone interview.
Fee: just add an additional $250 to options 4, 5, or 6!

additional customized resume/CV options available to meet the diverse goals and specific needs of our individual clients!



Marketing Services:


Once we’ve completed your resume package for you, we offer a variety of job search services via our own database and our research efforts on your behalf. We can search for, identify, select, and send your professional profile to one prospective employer or 100!



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We can edit and prepare your manuscript, ghostwrite it, have it bound in paperback or hardbound, and publish your magnum opus through the Library of Congress. We can book you for appearances and book signings where you can read passages from your book!

If you would like to purchase one of the few remaining copies of a wonderful “book of vertical jottings” we designed and published for author  and JCU Professor, James Magner (with cover artwork by the world-renowned artist Derek Hess) you can purchase it here.  There are only a handful of these books left from the thousands that were first printed and promoted.  The book will not be reprinted. Secure one of the few remaining copies now:

















We offer special discounts to senior citizens, military, college seniors, and the unemployed. Please be sure to let us know if you are in one of these categories!

We also offer a "quick" turnaround service for an additional fee if you need your project straightaway (a.k.a. "yesterday!)