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Are you a Teacher? Are you looking for wording for your Spanish Language teaching experience? Or wording for all the different roles you took on for the same school system? Below is jaw-dropping, goosebump-inflicting wording that you can use for your teaching resume or to help you get an idea of how some teachers launch their teaching careers and move forward in their field throughout the years.

Anaheim Hills, California 2011-present
As not only a certified Master Teacher with a Master of Arts in Education and Reading and an emphasis in Spanish, but also an experienced traveler in the US and to many countries in Europe, Asia, Mexico, Australia, and Central America, was actively recruited by the Principal of this private school to…
Foreign Language Teacher ~Junior High
Utilize the Total Physical Response technique to introduce and teach the Spanish language and culture to children in grades 6 thru 8. Design interactive lesson plans to ensure students have fun learning while physically becoming involved in the language; encourage…

Garden Grove, California 9 years
Throughout teaching career with this school district, was consistently selected for new projects, programs, and leadership roles. To encourage creativity, new and differentiated ways of presenting materials to students, and thinking “outside the
box” ~ embraced every opportunity to..

Model Classroom Teacher~Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, and 1st/2nd Grade Combined
As a full-time Teacher, made every creative and professional effort to design an environment and present lesson plans that would not only adhere to the district’s and the state’s requirements, philosophies, and goals, but also ultimately uplift, enhance, inspire, and encourage each student to…Developed what became acknowledged as a “model classroom” environment replete with… Consistently strove to encourage students to…

Supervisor of Student Teachers
Provided leadership, cutting-edge initiatives, strategically-mapped…

Master Teacher
Served as a “go to” Teacher not only for aspiring teachers, new teachers, and seasoned teachers, but also for administrative and support staff. On an ongoing basis, ensured each student not only received…

24/7 Writing Team Member
Selected to attend numerous district wide conferences on writing and teaching writing strategies and then…

Leadership Team Member
Selected by the school’s Administration to represent the school and serve on the…

Grade Level Captain
Selected to…

Safety Committee Team Member
Selected for this school-wide committee created to…

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