Getting Fired Several Times

Author: vicque fassinger
Category: Getting Fired Blogs

If you have gotten fired from your last 3 or more jobs in less than 90 days each, it’s time to stop sending out your resumes and first take a reflective, introspective look at what’s going on with you.

While getting let go from a job is often disheartening and discouraging, it happens to most lifelong workers at least once. Sometimes you know exactly why you got fired (maybe you showed up late too many times, maybe you didn’t meet a critical deadline, maybe you didn’t pass the drug test, maybe they just couldn’t afford to keep you and so they looked for any little reason to let you go, or maybe you took something that didn’t belong to you (your manager’s wife, some inventory, credit for someone else’s work).

If you can swallow your pride for a moment and reflect back on what you did or didn’t do at all the jobs where you got fired, perhaps you will be able to find a common variable that can be identified and eliminated to help avoid future firings. Are you defensive with your boss? Do you gossip at work? Do you constantly complain? Do you do just the bare minimum? Do you talk more than you actually get work done? Do you dress appropriately? Do you act AS IF you love your job, are passionate about it, and are thankful to have it?

If you have gotten fired from your past few jobs and have only worked at them a few months each, the issue is most likely with you – not with the brand new managers (strangers to you) who hired you. Figure out what you are doing wrong, or what you aren’t doing enough of that is right, and surely that will help you keep a job longer than 30 days. I can help you with that.

I recently just saw a resume posted on Craigslist that listed the woman’s experience. The 4 jobs she had on the resume all lasted ONE MONTH (!). She actually wrote “May 2010-May 2010” (etc.) by each job! She won’t get any real calls for great jobs with that resume. No way. Writing a resume that shows brief employment with so many different employers raises flags. Unless you are looking to secure a position as a professional flag raiser, don’t include the dates (or the brief experiences) on the resume at all.

I know this all can be very confusing to a hard working person who simply wants to secure a full-time job with a good salary and benefits. That’s why you hire a professional to help you. Getting fired several times is stress-inducing not only when trying to prepare your own resume, but also when going in for the interview and trying to explain your past.

Call me today if you feel stuck in a rut and don’t have a clue how to write your resume and what to say in an interview if you’ve been fired several times. Click here to receive two hours of over-the-phone consulting for the price of one. Should you decide to have your resume professionally designed and written by Blue Flamingo Productions, you receive a lifetime of free consulting services.
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