It doesn’t matter WHAT you do, but HOW you do it

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In the grand scheme of things in life, it truly does not really matter what you do for a living ~ as long as you take pride in your work, do it with joy, and embrace every moment at the job as an opportunity to help someone else. Sounds ridiculous to some, nearly impossible for most, and confusing to many. But if you are one of the lucky few who can internalize and understand this concept, philosophy, and approach to work and how you earn your livelihood, you will increase your happiness, serenity, and prosperity – exponentially – throughout your circle of friends, family, and acquaintances.

No one wants to be the client (a.k.a. patient) of a doctor who doesn’t look you in the eyes, have a firm handshake, and can talk with you, uninterrupted, during your office visit. No one can find it easy to respect a doctor who has terrible listening skills, doesn’t offer options and hope, and treats his own dad with disrespect.

No one wants to go to a restaurant for a night of celebration only to be served by a waiter who is in a hurry and constantly chattering about how much he/she hates his/her job or how bad the food is at the establishment.

No one wants to try on hiking boots with a salesman who acts like it’s a burden to go and get some different styles and sizes out of the stock room – and who would rather check his texts than wait on you.

No one wants to be in the company of a worker in a rush, texting, complaining, or unprofessional.

Ideally and ultimately, we want to be around and interact with people who love what they do, know a lot about their industry, and aren’t in a hurry to do their job with thought, passion, and pride.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living – if you don’t do it well, nobody wants to utilize your services or expertise. Whether you remove and collect junk from properties, scoop dog poop, are the backup singer in a band, serve as someone’s legal representative, work as a home health aid, design a web site, teach music, paint houses, or repair machines – WHATEVER it is YOU do – DO it well.

Be impressed with a person’s character, not with their title. Trust a person by how they act and the choices they make in both their professional and personal lives, not by their credentials. If a man is a doctor but kicks his dad out of his home and dumps him off at a nursing home, he is not a good doctor. Period. If a dog trainer has an affair with a client who is married to another man, he is not a good trainer. Period. If a teacher verbally abuses others, she is not a good teacher. Period.

We may wear many hats throughout a day, but ultimately, we are the same person at heart in every scenario.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, but how well you do it.

Change your attitude and it will change how you do your job. Change how you do your job and you may not want to change what you do for a living after all! Wherever you go, there you are. Perhaps it is not the job that needs changing, but your mindset.

(photo of Henry Rollins from his official website)

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