10 Ways an Interactive Display Can Help Market Your Traditional Brick-and-Mortar Business

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From watching a bus zoom by with a huge ad plastered on its side to checking your email and seeing that companies you never contacted are now displaying their ads on your screen, it’s a fact that throughout any given day someone is trying to sell you something. How do you, as someone who wants to get in the game and get noticed, possibly get your brick-and-mortar business to compete with every other business out there? How do you not only get noticed and be remembered, but also engage and embrace your customers so that they feel like they are contributing to the experience and not simply reading some one-dimensional ad? Easy: interactive wall displays. Along with developing brand awareness, training staff, influencing decision-making, promoting a new product in the moment, and creating specific offers, here are some other effective uses of interactive displays:

Office Hoteling

While not gone completely, the goal of working up the corporate ladder to that physical corner office with a view is no longer the end-all and be-all. Telecommuting, flexible work hours, seasonal staffing adjustments, and the cost per square foot of prime office space all continue to point to office hoteling as the best solution to providing spaces for employees. An interactive display at the entrance to your workspace can quickly assign seating on a number of priorities, including first-come-first-served, seniority, or project importance. Interactive displays can show availability at a glance, allowing workers to select a spot and get busy.

Get the Attention of the Customer on the Sidewalk

By using interactive displays in the storefront, you can capture the attention of the folks on the street and affirm for them that you are more than a store filled with things to buy ~ you’re a welcoming, refreshing, creative, fun experience! Video game stores are known for immersing customers in a game as they walk by, extending their brand’s values at the storefront and showing they’re a fun place to be ~ even if the shoppers aren’t thinking about purchasing anything specific that day. A Chicago LEGO store incorporated this idea; the person passing by can control his LEGO character with his own body movements!

Provide an Enhanced Guest Experience

With the hotel and tourist industry spending millions of dollars each year to get guests in the door, it’s important to do everything possible to make the visit worthwhile. An electronic concierge display makes it convenient and very simple for hotel guests to schedule exactly what they want ~ when they want it!

Gather a Trade Show Crowd

If your trade show display booth is normally like most other trade show designated areas, it can easily get lost in a maze of all the other participating companies ~ hidden among the rows of folding tables, business card fishbowls, and branded tchotchke dispensed to each passerby like candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. By utilizing an interactive display to get your message across, however, you are creating a fun and engaging (and memorable) experience for the attendees. Include stunning visual art and music to build interest all while encouraging visitors to swipe the board while playing a game or exploring your latest product or service. Have potential customers type in their contact information to give you plenty of warm leads to work with for months to come.

Incorporate Music and Create a Mini Flash Mob

All it takes is a bit of genius to capture the hearts and minds of the public, as evidenced by a Fanta display that syncopates movement with the popping bubbles of the carbonated drink. In one large display, as people walk over a Fanta “bubble,” a specific sound effect plays. The more people who participate, the richer the sound ~ until you have a group of people creating a symphony of popping soda bubbles. This display not only captured the eye of consumers, but also created an audience that just enjoyed the sheer fun created by what is essentially a flash mob. Marketers pointed out that the experience exposed people to the Fanta Brand for a much longer time period than could be expected of a static sign.

While you’ll want to be sure to connect with a company that is experienced in creating interactive wall displays, here’s how this method of marketing can be embraced to enhance your business and/or transform your audience’s experience of you:

  • develop brand awareness,
  • train staff,
  • influence decision-making,
  • promote a new product in the moment,
  • create specific offers,
  • office hoteling
  • get the customer in the store,
  • enhance guest experience,
  • gather a trade show crowd, and
  • create a mini flash mob!

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