The New Trend in Resume Design: The Split Brochure, Full Brochure, and Multi-Page CV

Author: vicque fassinger
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These days, most people looking for a job or interested in exploring new avenues for work simply email their resumes to potential employers. If they are answering a job posted on the Internet, then they are 1 of (literally) hundreds of candidates sending an email to that one email address. To say that screening these emails is overwhelming for the individual assigned to that task would be an understatement. No matter how qualified you are, if your resume (in both design and content) does not catch that reader’s attention and interest from the “get-go” it will be overlooked and forgotten in seconds.

The new trend in resume writing is “old school” and has never been more popular or more effective than it is today – SNAIL MAILING a split brochure or full brochure style or emailing a sharp multi-page CV style. These signature designs, crafted and produced in a layout that is exclusively Blue Flamingo Productions, are what job seekers swear by. Instead of wondering if their emails are getting read and noticed, they are getting phone calls, responses, from potential employers. And what are the first words out of the interviewer’s mouth? “We were really impressed with your professional and creative resume. We’ve never seen anything like it!” I honestly cannot count the times my clients have told me this!

When is the last time you got called for a job interview and the person on the other end of the phone took the time to comment on your resume’s wording and design? Probably never (unless you had your resume prepared by Blue Flamingo Productions).

In this highly-competitive employer’s job market, you don’t have time to waste on sending out just any old resume that looks and reads like everyone else’s. Do you? Invest in yourself and your unlimited potential – have a professionally written and designed resume created for you by Blue Flamingo Productions. We’ve been in business for nearly 30 years – we are America’s oldest and best professional and creative writing service.

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